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Am I Ready?

How do I know I am ready to move to Kinsmen Kourts 2?

Moving to a senior’s residence is a big decision. Some people put off this decision because they are not sure if they are ready. Others may not know what to expect and have a fear of the unknown.

Take a few moments to consider the following questions. The answers will help you understand the advantages of moving to Kinsmen Kourts 2.

  • Do I feel as safe as I used to in my house?

  • Do I get enough exercise?

  • Is it difficult to keep up with the maintenance in and around my home?

  • Am I no longer driving or afraid to drive at night?

  • Am I caring for a spouse or loved one and having difficulty meeting the demands?

  • Have my eating habits changed or am I eating unbalanced meals?

  • Do I often eat alone or feel lonely at home?

  • Do I worry about who will be there to help if I have a medical emergency?

  • Is my health or mobility declining?

  • Do family and friends need to do things for me? Is this becoming a burden for them?

  • Do I feel isolated and lonely in my home during the winter months?

If you are ready for the worry-free living offered by Kinsmen Kourts 2 call

the office today at (431) 351-0611.

Image by Joe Hepburn
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